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Dyckman Bridge Schedule

Dyckman Avenue Bascule Bridge will open for boating traffic on the following schedule:

Effective May 15, 2015 the bridge will operate on the hour and half hour as follows:

Monday thru Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Friday 7:00 a.m. - midnight

Saturday & Sunday 6:00 a.m. - midnight

Holidays 6:00 a.m. – midnight

To arrange for the bridge to be opened at any other time, please call the South Haven Police Department: 269-637-5151.

Bridge Tenders monitor

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DNR Fishing Report for Southwest Michigan

Click for the most recent DNR Fishing Report for Southwest Michigan

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South Haven Lighthouse Preservation Project Begins

The Historic Association of South Haven has started the historic preservation project to renovate the South Haven Harbor Lighthouse.  The first phase of the project will address corrosion issues that threaten the structure.  When complete, the maintenance project will help preserve the lighthouse for many years into the future. 

Interior metal will be sandblasted to remove rust.  Repair will be made to areas where metal has corroded.  The interior will be

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Lake Michigan Water Trail

Lake Michigan Water Trail Southwest

The southwest portion of the Lake Michigan Water Trail is from the Michigan/Indiana state line to Holland, Michigan. You will paddle along spectacular sand dunes, wilderness areas and quaint beach towns providing many opportunities to eat, shop, play and rest. Most of the beach towns are marked with historic lighthouses.  Beach towns include New Buffalo, Bridgman, St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, South Haven,

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Nik-a-nong - Algonquin Legends of South Haven

The book "A History of Van Buren County" by Oran W. Rowland includes a chapter "Algonquin Legends of South Haven, By Chief Pokagon" which reads as follows:



By Chief Pokagon.

No more for us the wild deer bounds;
The Plough is on our hunting grounds.

Our traditional account of South Haven given us by ki-os-ag (our forefathers) was held as sacred by them as Holy Writ by the white man. Long, long bi-bong (years) ago

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Bangor South Haven Heritage Water Trail

The Bangor South Haven Heritage Water Trail is a paddlecraft route following the Black River from Bangor to South Haven .  Note that the route between Bangor and CR 384 has many downed trees and requires many portages to pass them.  From CR 384 to South Haven is listed as clear, but this can change as trees topple into the water.

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Campaign to Preserve the South Haven Lighthouse

Can you imagine South Haven without a lighthouse?  It could happen.  For more than a century, South Haven’s popular beacon has lured hundreds of thousands of people and boats to our shores. It has become synonymous with our town’s name.

But after more than a century of battling harsh winter weather and Lake Michigan’s waves, our lighthouse needs extensive repair and restoration.  It might look just fine on the outside, with a fresh coat of paint applied in

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10,000 Steps in South Haven

The South Haven Harborwalk is a popular place to get your steps.  If you enjoy walking or jogging for fitness, and like to see others out doing the same thing, the Harborwalk is the place to be.  

Start at any point on the Harborwalk, walk to the South Haven Lighthouse, then all the way around to the end of the North Pier and back to where you started.  That is four miles, and depending on your stride length, about 10,000 steps.  On the way, stop at

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South Haven Farm Market

The South Haven Farm Market is an easy way to get local, fresh food within walking distance of South Haven Municipal Marinas. (See Downtown Map Here)






The mission of the South Haven Farm Market is to operate a vibrant farm market that contributes to the success of local food growers and products that strengthen the local economy, serving as a commuity gathering place.  Agriculture is an important part of our local heitage,and we

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Active Captain - South Haven Harbor

Active Captain is a boating information system that allows the user to rate and comment on harbor facilities.  Click on the image below to go to the Active Captain site showing South Haven.  You will need to login or register to have full functionality.

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Harbortown Wifi

South Haven Municipal Marina provides free wifi coverage in the downtown and beach areas of South Haven.

Look for the Harbortown access point, and click on the consent button on your web browser.

Harbortown Wifi is available in these locations:

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2015 South Haven Harbor Soundings

2015 Harbor Soundings from the Army Corps of Engineers are now available for South Haven Channel and the South Haven Harbor.

The numbers indicate the bottom depth below Low Water Datum (IGLD 1985), which is at 577.5.

In order to estimate actual depth, go to the Lake Michigan/Huron Monthly Water Levels page.

The left column shows feet above or below the Low Water Datum.  Find the current month level and add or subtract it to the number on the soundings

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Great Lakes Paddling Safety

Check the Weather. Weather on the Great Lakes can change quickly. High winds and accompanying waves can easily swamp small watercraft. Before heading out, be sure to check local marine weather conditions, such as those available with the National Weather Service.

Buddy Up. Paddling alone is unwise. Even the most experienced paddler can run into trouble. Having a buddy along will increase safety.

Have a plan. Make a plan and give it to someone who is

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Fueling in South Haven Harbor

Fueling of floating marine craft with gasoline or diesel at other than a marine motor-fuel dispensing facility is prohibited under the International Fire Prevention Code, except as approved by the South Haven Area Emergency Services Fire Marshall.  Contact the Fire Marshall at 269-637-5151 for any questions regarding fueling in South Haven Harbor.

Currently there are two approved fueling sites in South Haven Harbor: All Seasons Marine and South Haven Yacht

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Transformation of South Haven Harbor

Transformation of South Haven Harbor


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