10,000 Steps in South Haven

The South Haven Harborwalk is a popular place to get your steps.  If you enjoy walking or jogging for fitness, and like to see others out doing the same thing, the Harborwalk is the place to be.  

Start at any point on the Harborwalk, walk to the South Haven Lighthouse, then all the way around to the end of the North Pier and back to where you started.  That is four miles, and depending on your stride length, about 10,000 steps.  On the way, stop at cafes, shady park benches on the waterfront, cross the drawbridge and check out the historic information boards.  A highlight of the walk is to see the Friends Good Will tall ship with her flag flying.  The cool mornings make for a glorious walk and give you a chance to meet other walkers along this popular route.  Hope to see you there soon!

Printable Harborwalk Map