2015 Grant Applications, Three Projects Not Awarded

Earlier this year, the City of South Haven and South Haven Municipal Marina applied for six grant applications to improve the marinas and boat launch.  Unfortunately, three of the six marina and boat launch grant applications were denied for 2015.

We received notice today that the Parks and Recreation Division did not approve the following grants: South Side Marina Building Renovation, Black River Park Driveway Improvements and South Side Marina Dock Extension.  The reason given for the denial was that it was due to the limited funding currently available.

The Harbor Commission will review these projects in their next Capital Improvement Plan and consider whether to reapply next year.

The City was awarded a grant for an Accessible Paddlecraft Launch Ramp at Black River Park.  There are still two grants for which we have not had a response: Black River Park Skid Pier Replacement and Black River Park Restroom Renovation.  We are still hopeful that we may receive positive news on these grant applications.