Flywheelers Antique Engine and Tractor Show, September 10 - 13

Antique Engine & Tractor Show
The 32nd annual Antique Engine and Tractor show will be held Thursday, Sept. 10 through Sunday, Sept. 13. One of the largest shows of its kind in the state, the event draws hundreds of antique tractors and engines collectors from all over the country. Working displays like the shingle and saw mill, exhibits like the Farm History Building and of course, parades, games, crafts and a huge flea market are all part of the show.

Map to Event

PAID ADMISSION – $7 per person. Children under 12 years old free with adult. Thursday is Seniors Day- admission $3 for 62 and over.

Schedule of Events
Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015
9 AM – Opening Ceremonies
10 AM – Shingle Mill/Sawmill Demonstration
Noon – Folk singer Joe Foster
2 PM – Equipment Parade
3 PM – Shingle Mill Demonstration
Music Jam Session
4 PM – South Haven Tractor Cruise
8:30 PM – Cactus Pie

Friday, Sept. 11, 2015
10 AM – Shingle mill/Sawmill Demonstration
12:30 PM – Thing-a-ma-jig parade
2 PM – Equipment Parade
3 PM – Shingle mill/sawmill demo, Jam Session
4 PM – Kids’ Sawdust Pile
5 PM – Antique Tractor Pulls
6 PM – Kids Tractor Games
7 PM – Folk Singer Joe Foster
8 PM – Kids’ Lawn Tractor Cruise
8:30 PM – Gordon Thayer Band

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
9:30 AM – Valve Cover Races
10 AM – Shingle mill/Sawmill Demonstration, Square Dance Lessons
11 AM – Antique Tractor Pulls. Michigan Fiddlers
12 PM -Kiddie Tractor Pulls, Bingo
2 PM – Equipment Parade
3:30 PM – Flywheel Toss/Sawdust Pile
4 PM – Casco Band
6 PM – Kids Tractor Games
7 PM – John Dudley Magic Show
8 PM – Kids’ Lawn Tractor Cruise
8:30 PM – Bronk Bros. Band

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015
9 AM – Consignment Auction
9:45 AM – Church Service
11 AM – Garden Tractor Pulls
12 PM – Equipment Parade
3:30 PM – Kids Sawdust Pile
4 PM – Show closes
Note: Please call ahead for information as schedule may change.

PLEASE NOTE that we have a No Vehicle Policy from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday – Sunday. This means that if you need to leave to go to the store, you can get out after 10 a.m. but your vehicle can not get back in until after 4 p.m. You are welcome to walk in or leave at any time.

PET POLICY: Due to numerous problems, no pets are allowed at our events with those paying admission. Exhibitors, campers and vendors can bring pets but they must be kept at owner’s camp site and leashed or kenneled at all times.

Underage Driver Information
Children under the age of 16 may drive a lawn tractor in our parades and to the Kid’s Tractor Skill Test/Games ONLY. They must pass a skills test before driving and wear their license around their neck. Please check event shedule for days and time of tests.

Personal Transportation Vehicle Policy
There is a $10 registration fee for all PTVs. Examples of PTVs are golf carts and scooters. No ATVs, mini or dirt bikes are allowed. PTVs can not be driven in the Flea Market from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Exhibitor Set-up Information
If you are bringing a tractor or engine to display, exhibitor set-up starts on Tuesday, Sept. 8. NOTICE : if you are making more than one trip, please bring your exhibit/display FIRST. Registration will be done upon arrival and wristbands will be placed on exhibitor, spouse and their children under 18. You can SET-UP/REGISTER at any time before dark. If you come after hours, you are welcome to camp in our parking lot overnight.

Camping (non-exhibitors)
$10 per night plus daily admission
Electric – $15 (if available)